We are a full-service accounting firm, a part of the GA Society of CPAs since 1999.

Business Tax &
Financial Services

Whether you’re a small business or mid-sized business in need of tax and accounting services, E. Shawn Danley, CPA, PC is prepared to handle your situation with care. 

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Individual Tax &
Financial Services

We know taxes & finances can be overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to help. Put away the piles of paperwork, and pick up the phone to call the team of professionals at E. Shawn Danley, CPA, PC.

When tax season comes around, you’ll be glad you called us. 

Non-Profit Tax &
Financial Services

Are you a non-profit organization that’s lacking the man-power to deal with finances? Don’t unintentionally put yourself in a legally binding predicament.

Call the experts. We’ll take care of the work for you!

Compilation Reviews

A compilation review can be a lot of work for someone that hasn’t had 3 decades of practice. Luckily, our team is made up of experienced CPAs with exactly that many years in the business!

Our accounting firm is up to the task, no matter how messy. 

Payroll Tax Reporting

As a business owner, you have enough to worry about. Don’t let the task of payroll tax reporting cause you to halt or slow your business. 

The team at E. Shawn Danley, CPA, PC is happy to do the job for you. Pick up the phone and call us today so we can discuss your options!

Financial Reporting

Keeping track of your company’s financial transactions is already a lot of work. Not to mention the financial reporting that follows.

Avoid getting stuck with the work and call our team today. We’re not only happy to help, we’re in the helping business! 


Do you or your business need your books, accounts, statutory records, or documents and vouchers looked over? Don’t take on all of that responsibility yourself. 

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Our team of experienced and professional CPAs has several years in the accounting business. Whatever your need, whether it be bookkeeping, construction accounting, or any other accounting services, we are committed to finding a solution for you.

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